Our Offers

Looking for help with your customer-first strategy? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find details of our current offers for books, online video courses and numerous free or paid tools and templates. More are being added every month, so come back regularly to check our latest offers.


Here you will find both my book “Winning Customer Centricity” available in four different formats, as well as a selection of eBooks on specific elements of a customer-first strategy.

The current “Secrets” collection includes “Innovation Secrets”, “Secrets to Brand Building” and “Secrets to Actionable Insights.”

We are constantly adding to our offer, so come back regularly.

Training Courses

We offer 1-Day Catalyst™ Training sessions, always personalised to your specific needs, and online video courses for those who prefer to learn at their own speed.

Our current propose includes four modules on adopting a customer-first strategy, and is all about identifying, understanding and engaging the very best audience for your offer.

C3C Evaluator

Do you know which areas of a customer-first strategy offer you the greatest opportunities for profitable growth? 

Complete this evaluation and receive a detailed report on which of the four areas – customer, company, brands or processes – you should start working on first.


This is a list of the resources I have used to build my business and are highly recommended.

They include: CRM and lead generation; project and financial management; video, audio and image creative tools; book and other product selling. Click on those that interest you to find out more.